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Beaufort Fire Department Receives a Ladder Truck

Post Date:10/30/2017

BEAUFORT - A local businessman has donated a 1997 Seagrave Tractor Drawn Aerial to the Beaufort Fire Department.  Until recently, the truck was a reserve unit at the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service in Rockville, Maryland.

The truck features a 100’ aerial ladder with an on-board generator, Hurst hydraulic tool capability, with numerous equipment compartments, storage for additional ladders and rescue equipment, and has seating for seven. 

The truck will be the first tractor drawn aerial in the County.  One of the advantages of a tractor drawn aerial over a straight ladder truck is its enhanced maneuverability which will be beneficial on Beaufort’s streets. 

The main benefit of the new truck, according to Chief Fulp, is improved firefighter safety.  With the 100’ ladder, the department is able to safely reach building roofs where firefighters can work from the ladder cutting ventilation holes in the roof without jeopardizing their safety.  Previously firefighters had to be positioned on the roof in order to cut holes in it. 

Additional benefits include an elevated reach for rescues, an elevated waterway for master stream operations, and with the new commercial development in Beaufort, being able to safely fight fires on large commercial buildings.

Chief Fulp also stated that for many years the State has recommended that we have a ladder truck.  With the addition of this truck, the Department will receive ladder and service credit with the North Carolina Rating System (ISO), possibly lowering insurance rates.

For additional information contact the Beaufort Fire Department at (252) 728-4325.


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