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RFQ: Tree Planting in the Right of Way

Post Date:12/06/2017 4:52 PM

Request for Proposal

Date:                   December 5, 2017

To:                       Interested Contractors

Project Name:   Tree Planting in the Right of Way

PROJECT AREA AND INFORMATION:  Work is to be performed in the Town of Beaufort NC city limits. Site locations are pre-determined and staked out by the Town of Beaufort.  


  • All trees will be Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana).
  • Trees shall be healthy, and they shall have a straight, singular and clearly dominate central leader.
  • Tree roots shall not be root bound in their pots, they should all have minimal root turning and bounding caused by the pot.
  • Trees shall measure 7/8” or greater in diameter, and 36” in height. (average 15 gallon potted)
  • Tree holes shall be excavated 50% wider than the width of the pot or root ball of the tree.
  • The holes shall be excavated 25% deeper than the height of the pot or root ball of the tree.
  • Contractor responsible for calling in locates prior to digging.
  • Half of the excavated soil shall be mixed with 1.5 cubic feet of “Daddy Pete Lawn and Garden Soil” and 3 cups of Biotone. This mixture should be used for the backfill. The remaining soil that was excavated from the hole will be used to complete backfill and to form a berm approximately 30” diameter around the base of the newly planted tree to help it retain water.
  • Trees are to have their root ball soaked at the time of planting to drive air pockets out of the root ball and to help firmly set the tree in the soil.
  • Trees will be inspected by a person or persons appointed by the PWD upon delivery and trees not conforming to these above listed standards will be rejected.
  • During the process of planting trees, the Town of Beaufort will have person or persons to verify that planting is to the designs and standards listed above.
  • Contractor is responsible for calling in locates prior to digging.
  • The proposal should be priced per tree with approximately 35 locations. All locations are in city limits of Beaufort and within a 4 mile radius of each other.
  • Contractor is responsible for all tools, material, and equipment to perform this work. Including but not limited to water, chemicals, soil, mulch, labor and other needed materials.
  • A specific location of trees will be given by Beaufort Public Works when winning bid is awarded.
  • A schedule of installation will be agreed upon after contract is awarded.
  • All debris associated with this project shall be cleaned and removed by contractor.
  • Any damage caused by the contractor shall be fixed by the contractor.

REQUIRED INFORMATION:  Contractors are responsible for providing the following information in order to qualify to bid on work in the Town of Beaufort.

  • Current Certificate of General Liability insurance
  • Current Certificate of Workers Compensation insurance
  • Applicator license if required for chemicals
  • Completed W-9
  •  MSDS sheets for any hazardous material used
  • Provide  bids with a break out for labor, materials, and tax if applicable


EVALUATION CRITERIA AND SELECTION:  Contract terms and conditions will be negotiated upon selection of the winning bidder for this specific project. All contractual terms and conditions will be subject to review by Town of Beaufort and will include specific scope, schedule, and other necessary items pertaining to the project.

DUE DATE:  Bids shall be submitted by 2:00 pm on Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 to Public Works Director, Mark Eakes. Proposals may be emailed to , faxed to 252-728-7931, or hand delivered to 412 Hedrick Street, Beaufort, NC 28516 in an envelope addressed to Public Works – Attn. Mark Eakes. 

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