Multimodal Maps

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The Multi-modal Committee held its first meeting Dec. 12 in the Train Depot to discuss the positives and needed improvements of the existing sidewalks, multi-use path and street network. A couple of the signifi cant takeaways were the need for better connectivity and pedestrian safety.

Each member was assigned to develop of list of 10 locations within Town that are most important to be connected
and submit them to staff so that these locations could be mapped and shared at the next meeting that took place Jan. 26.

At the Jan. 26 meeting, the group discussed the 63 projects that were submitted by the group formed in December. 
At this time, projects have been broken into three categories, which include multimodal, intersection improvements and pedestrian improvements.  Of these projects, the committee will review the projects and develop a list of priorities.  
Staff will provide the committee’s list in the March newsletter as well as a link to a website to review the maps.