Welcome to the Town of Beaufort Administration Department, located in Town Hall, 701 Front St. Town Hall's phone number is (252) 728-2141.

The goal of Town Administration, which is located in Town Hall, 701 Front St., is to provide the administrative support needed to aid in the Town to operating effectively.  For more information contact Town Manager John Day at j.day@beaufortnc.org.

Finance Department collects all revenue for the Town, is responsible for the monthly billing of water, sewer, and solid waste, and provides customer service for any questions regarding these issues.  For more information contact Deputy Finance Director Christi Wood at c.wood@beaufortnc.org, Senior Revenue Specialist Melodi Briley at bftutilities@beaufortnc.org or Revenue Specialist Shawn Licari at bftutilities2@beaufortnc.org.

Planning & Inspections reviews and monitors all development that occurs within the Town limits as well as the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).  The department is responsible for the execution of zoning, subdivision, and enforcement issues; flood plain management which effects flood insurance ratings for individual insurance policies; processing building and zoning applications; and inspecting construction for compliance with the NC State Building Codes. Planning and Inspections is also responsible for monitoring changes to the exteriors of structures located within the Town's Historic District.  For more information contact Planning Director Kyle Garner at k.garner@beaufortnc.org.

The Public Utilities Department, 701 Front St., aims to provide safe potable water and efficient, environmentally safe collection and treatment of waste water for its citizens and visitors. Utilities staff is available around the clock. If you have an emergency after hours please call 252-241-3525 for water and 252-241-5164 for sewer.

The Public Works Department, 412 Hedrick St., strives to create a clean, hospitable and livable environment for residents and visitors alike. To reach the Public Works Department, call 252-728-7166.

The Beaufort Fire Department, 900 Cedar St., is dedicated to providing public safety services to the Town's citizens and strive to minimize losses and suffering through emergency service delivery, public education, public information, and community service activities.  The Beaufort Fire Department non-emergency office number is 252-728-4325.

The Beaufort Police Department215 Pollock St., to protect the lives and property of the people we serve, to reduce the incidence and fear of crime, and to enhance public safety while working with diverse communities to improve their quality of life. The office can be reached at 252-728-4561.

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