Gallants Channel Bridge Project

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UPDATE JANUARY 2017: NCDOT Engineers shared with Town Staff in late 2016 that the US 70 /Gallants Channel Bridge project is 80-percent complete and is anticipated to open in late spring.  
Once the new  bridge is open, the contractor will begin the process of removing the existing bridge. These events will aid in facilitating improvements along Cedar Street and several others. 
As updates to these projects become available staff will provide this information through the newsletter and Town website. 
If you have further questions you may also contact Kyle Garner, Planning Director, at 728-2142.

UPDATE JULY 2016: The Division 2 Engineer (John Rouse) stated at the most recent County Transportation Meeting that the Gallants Channel bridge project should have traffic on it in January or February 2017.  The Turner Street bridge will open at the same time.

UPDATE APRIL 2016: A Conti Group project manager explained in early April that they are targeting an early Fall 2016 completion of the Turner Street portion of the bridge, including the associated tie-ins with the new mainline roadway. This will tie in with the opening of the main structure over the Gallants Channel later in the Fall of 2016.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2015: Staff was briefed recently by a project manager for The Conti Group on the proposed schedule of the Gallants Channel Bridge. The bridge is anticipated to be open to traffi c in September 2016, barring any unforeseen delays or interruptions. Other major milestones include the completion of “Y1 Rev,” set for November. The Y1 Rev portion of the project is the “jug handle” that goes around the work area near the West Beaufort end bent (End Bent 2). This should be concurrent with the West Beaufort Cul de Sac. The Tie-In at Highway 101 is expected to be completed in December 2015. In May 2016, the Turner Street Bridge is anticipated to be completed. Demolition of the existing bridge is scheduled to be in December of 2016. Please note that the dates are subject to change, and resequencing of the work activities is a possibility. At no time will any resident or business not have access to their respective properties without a clearly indicated detour through any phase of the work.

MAY 2015: The current NCDOT project consists of new bridges over Gallants Channel and Town Creek and a new Highway 70 bypass.

Regarding the Gallants Channel Bridge, crews are currently installing piles at the east bank of the channel, are working on construction of a trestle at the west bank of the channel and footing and columns for piers and abutment.

Work on the Turner Street Bridge began in June 2015. Turner Street is closed to through traffic for the duration.

For the new roadway, work is being done to tie in east of Highway 101 to existing Highway 70 at Olga Road and to tie in west of Highway 101 to West Beaufort Road. 
A sound wall and MSE wall will also be erected along the Highway 70 bypass. 
The existing bascule bridge will be removed after completion of the new Gallants Channel Bridge, Town Creek Bridge and bypass.

To learn about the status of the improvements in Beaufort, including the Gallants Channel Bridge Project, visit here.