The Beaufort Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) held a regular meeting at the Train Depot at 6 p.m. on April 4, 2017. Here is a summary of items on the agenda:

  • 220 Front Street: The HPC presented a COA in order for a new hanging sign for this new business..
  • 311 Turner Street: After the March meeting, the applicants made some minor revisions to the COA application. What was approved for a COA was the sign for the fence, the painting of the (new) shed (to match the house) and the new picket gate for the picket fence.
  • 213 Orange Street - A COA will be issued in order to install metal gutters with a white painted finish over the porch in the front of the house but also wrapping around to the side of the house.
  • 912 Ann Street: A COA will be issued for a new garage for this property because the house has a historic plaque upon it. The garage is in keeping with similar garages in the historic district as well as on Ann Street therefore, a COA was granted.
  • 510 Front Street, Unit 3: A new sign will be hung on the building in the exact location of a previous sign. The new sign will be made of materials as other signs in the Historic District and will be approximately the same size as the sign for the adjacent business. A COA was granted for this new sign.
  • 806 Ann Street: It is not often the Commission gets to right a mistake but that is the case with this item. The house was give a plaque approximately three years ago and the owner, after reviewing material on the house and having State Historic Preservationist John Wood visit the house, determined the house had been incorrecly named and dated. The house will now be named and dated Hackman-Fulford House, circa 1850. 
  • Demolition by Neglect Ordinance:  After thinking about this for approximately a month, the Commission unanimously decided not to pursue a (new) Demolition by Neglect Ordinance. However, after last month's presentation an discussion, the HPC is eager to meet the representative from Washington, NC who is getting results in Washington on some of the rundown homes in their historic district.
  • HPC Guideline Revisions: The attachment here will show the final markup of the proposed revisions. After the State Historic Office reviews the revisions and if there are no other issues, a public hearing will be held by the HPC followed by a public hearing held by the Town's Board of Commissioners.

The next meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission will be held on May 2, 2017 and the agenda for the meeting can be found here. A Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) application can be found here. To submit material for Minor Work consideration, please use the COA application however there is no fee for minor works consideration. The 2017 HPC calendar can be found here.