The Town of Beaufort Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is under the auspices of the Town of Beaufort Board of Commissioners and meets the first Thursday of the month at 6 p.m in the Train Depot, 614 Broad St.

The goal of The Beaufort Parks & Recreation Advisory Board is to serve as liaison between the citizens, town staff and town Board of Commissioners while its vision is to represent the community with the promotion of people-friendly parks and facilities, while anticipating future needs and trends.

The Board's mission statement is to provide quality recreational facilities and open spaces which are safe for leisure time activities.

The Beaufort Parks & Recreation Advisory Board shall consult with and serve as an advisory body for the Town Staff and Town Board of Commissioners in matters affecting recreation. This includes the planning, promotion and marketing of the same; its own membership and other activities related to its programs. The board will provide input for the long-range planning of resources towards park projects and other indoor/outdoor recreational activities. The board will review, participate and monitor park planning documents in regards to proposals for park sites and greenway construction in Beaufort. The committee will review existing park sites within Beaufort and provide recommendations for future development, considering such factors as park usage, safety and equipment. These recommendations submitted by the Advisory Board, would then need final approval by town staff and the town Board of Commissioners.




Peter Crumley Oct. 1, 2016-Sept. 30,2019
Elizabeth DeMattia (Chair) Oct. 1, 2016-Sept. 30, 2019
Julie Arthur Oct. 1, 2017-Sept. 30, 2020
Tanea Strayhorn  Oct. 1, 2017-Sept. 30, 2020
Joseph Marquez (Vice Chair) Oct. 1, 2017-Sept. 30, 2020
Michael Rave Oct. 1, 2018-Sept. 30, 2021
Marcus Truskey Oct. 1, 2018-Sept. 30, 2021



Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Bylaws

2009 Final Bike Plan

10-Year Plan