The Planning Board held a meeting on Monday, March 19, 2018 to discuss two items. The summaries on the items are below:

  1. Case # 18-04: REZONING Property on Lennoxville Road/Ann Street (PIN #730507793360000) from R-8 to RS-5. This item was tabled from the February as the Board needed additional time to consider the rezoning. In February the Board stated that this does not meet the CAMA Land Use Plan however after reconsidering and further discussion, the Board moved to recommend this item to the Board of Commissioners meeting with their full approval.
  2. Case # 18-07: REZONING 240 Tommy Lane from R-20 & B-1 to R-8MH with a small portion of the lot remaining B-1.  This property is in the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction and does not have municipal water or municipal sewer which is a requirement of the R-8MH zoning district. The property in question is surrounded by properties predominately zoned R-20 with some R-8, B-W and TR zoning as well. The applicant will be reducing the amount of B-1 property to match the area of Highway Commercial property recommended in the CAMA Land Use Plan. The proposal down zones 24 acres of the property from B-1 to R-8MH however the Land Use Plan recommends this area to remain low density and the R-8MH is considered a medium density classification. If rezoned, this property will come before the Board for two other items - one to obtain a Special Use permit for an RV park and the second to be annexed into the Town to obtain municipal water and municipal sewer. The intent of the applicant is to set up a first rate RV Park. The applicant stated this will not be a mobile or manufactured home park. He stated that this would be a place where RV'ers would stay, buy food and gas, etc. He was not certain about the occupancy timeline for the RV'ers. There was quite an outpouring of the Community of non-support for this item. Many people thought this was an inappropriate use of the property especially in an area leading into Town. Many were concerned with the fact that the rezoning would not meet the CAMA Land Use Plan. Others were concerned about the impact on the environment, especially the waters to the southeast. After taking all of the comments from the public, the unanimous recommendation from the Board was to deny this request. This item will move to the Board of Commissioners in May 2018 where the Commissioners will hold a more formal public hearing.
  3. During the Board Comments, everyone welcomed new member Paula Gillikin. Other concerns were sheds in the business district, fine tuning the LDO to specify some of the concerns of the citizens on an RV Park becoming a Mobile Home Park and the length of the occupancy in the RV Park.
  4. The Town Planner commented that the anticipated flood map changes would not come for 1.5 to 2 years and we haven't even glanced at the new plan; working with the CAMA representative to change to CAMA Land Use Plan (as it had been discussed last month that the Land Use Plan does not match what is on the ground and one zoning district isn't included in the plan). Next month the Board may hear another rezoning case however this one does not appear to have a conflict with the CAMA Land Use Plan and possibly some subdivision work. He also noted that we are working on getting a legislative update for planning as this may require some additional changes to the Land Development Ordinance.

The deadline for submission to the next Planning Board meeting is March 26, 2018 for the April 16, 2018 meeting.

Applications which may be used by the Planning Board include: