The purpose and mission of the enhanced Town of Beaufort parking program is to balance the parking needs of the community with the competing interests of businesses, restaurants, employees, visitors and residents seeking to gain convenient access to available parking spaces in the Downtown area.  Sound, effective parking policy and program management will be critical going forward to ensure adequate turnover of the Town’s available space inventory (on-street and off-street), as well as safeguard the vitality and economic potential of the Town of Beaufort’s citizens, visitors, residents and stakeholders.

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Beaufort Parking, managed by Lanier Parking Solutions, is responsible for the issuance, collections and administration of any parking tickets and the collections and support of all parking paystations in downtown Beaufort.

The duties, responsibilities, and functions of our Parking Enforcement Ambassadors are:

  • To provide quality, courteous customer service and promote the safety and the proper flow of traffic and turnover throughout the streets of downtown Beaufort.
  • To protect the rights of the pedestrians and parking public who abide by local and state parking ordinances and laws.
  • To assist in providing available parking to residents, visitors and businesses.
  • To enforce the city and state parking ordinances and laws.
  • As a representative of the Town of Beaufort and Lanier Parking Solutions, ambassadors will perform their duties in a professional manner at all times and to the highest standards.


You can pay for your parking ticket(s) by the following methods:

Online: Tickets can be paid online at by debit/credit card (MasterCard, Visa, and/or Discover), subject to convenience fee at any time.

By Mail: Checks or money orders should be made payable to: Town of Beaufort. Include the ticket number and license plate number of the ticketed vehicle on your check or money order. Checks and money orders can be mailed to:

Town of Beaufort

PO Box 390

701 Front Street

Attn: Beaufort Parking

Beaufort, NC 28516-0390

In person: Payments can be made in person using cash, check or money order, or credit cards only at Beaufort Town Hall located at: 701 Front Street, Beaufort, NC 28516 Monday through Friday; 8:00 AM-5 PM. Payable to Town of Beaufort.

Dropbox: Check or money order payments can also be dropped in the Payment Drop Box located behind Town Hal beside the driveway.



Anyone that wants to appeal a ticket(s) can do so within 10 days of ticket issuance.

Online: You may appeal online at: Follow directions and include the requested information.

By Mail: Please fill out the Appeal Form here and mail the Appeal Form, the parking ticket and or any supporting documentation to:

Town of Beaufort

PO Box 390

701 Front Street

Attn: Beaufort Parking Appeal

Beaufort, NC 28516-0390

In person: You can request and complete an Appeal Form in person at: 701 Front Street, Beaufort, NC 28516 Monday through Friday; 8:00 AM-5:00 PM. A response will be provided by mail within 3-10 business days.

By Phone: Beaufort Parking does not take parking appeals over the phone.

Parking Enforcement Ambassador: Please note that the parking enforcement ambassadors do not have the capability or authority to void your ticket. Please follow one of the methods above to appeal your ticket.


PAY BY PHONE Pay by Phone Logo

Watch a quick Tutorial:  Parking with Pay by Phone Tutorial Video

The Town of Beaufort now offers the ability to park by cell, by downloading the PayByPhone app, the most convenient way to pay for parking.

How can I register for PayByPhone?PayByPhone is available for both Android and iOS devices. Registering your credit card is quick and easy. Sign up by downloading the PayByPhone parking app or by registering at You can also create an account and begin a parking session by calling 866-234-7275.

The following information is required to set up an account:

*  Your mobile number                                                                  *  Valid credit card details (Vias, MasterCard, AMEX)                    *  Your license plate number

Once I find a parking space, how do I start my PayByPhone session?

Once registered, you only need to park, click on the PayByPhone app on your Smartphone, as your account information is already stored, enter the location number, select how long you wish to park for, confirm and you will be done! PayByPhone is easy, convenient and will relieve you of the stress of having to account for the parking time to avoid a ticket.

Pay by Phone Logo

What kind of mobile phone can I use with PayByPhone?

Any smartphone, such as Apple, Android or Blackberry. You can download the PayByPhone app from the Apple App store or Google Play store. By going to the PayByPhone website,, you can click on the appropriate link for your Smartphone to download the mobile app.

How can I avoid getting a parking ticket when using PayByPhone?

PayByPhone has a feature that will alert you via text message when your parking session is about to expire, thus allowing you to extend the time without having to walk to the vehicle and avoid getting a citation. Posted time limits still apply.

How much does it cost to register for PayByPhone?

Registration is free. There is a $0.25 transaction fee added to your parking payment.

When will I see the transactions on my credit card statement?

Each time you pay for parking with PayByPhone, the payment is processed in real-time. The amount of time that elapses before it shows up on your account will vary depending on your credit card company. Your charge will appear as "Pay By Phone Parking" on your credit card statement.

Can I use PayByPhone outside of the limits of the Town of Beaufort?

Yes, you can use PayByPhone in hundreds of locations across the nation including Wilmington (NC) and Wrightsville Beach (NC).

How do I extend the parking session using my Smartphone?

You can simply extend the time by clicking on the “extend” feature on the PayByPhone mobile app before the parking session has expired.

How do the Parking Enforcement Ambassadors know that I have paid for parking?

When you pay for parking using PayByPhone, your parking status will be displayed on the handheld device used by the enforcement officers. Please ensure the plate number was entered correctly and note that any posted parking time limits still apply. PayByPhone users do not need to display a receipt or parking slip on their car.

Can we add other vehicles to the same PayByPhone account?

Yes. You can add up to 9 vehicles to your account. You can add new vehicles through the PayByPhone app, by going to and logging into your account, or by calling the parking line at 866-234-7275 and following the prompts. 

How can we know that the credit card transaction is secured?

Yes, it is secured because the credit card number is encrypted when you sign up and it is never entered, displayed or spoken during a telephone transaction.

Can I obtain a payment receipt?

Yes, to print a receipt, please go to the PayByPhone website and, once you have logged in, the system will show you the account history where all of your transactions are saved. You will need to select the date and print the receipt.

On your profile in the PayByPhone app, you can also opt-in to a feature that will email your parking receipts to you.

More information can be found by visiting:


How to Pay by Space Parking Kiosk Tutorial Video

Please note your parking space number when you park. Our parking paystations accept U.S. Coin and debit/credit card (MasterCard, Visa, and/or Discover). You can also park by cell using the PayByPhone app. Please note you do not need to place the receipt on your dashboard.

To report a damaged parking paystation, please contact 252-728-2141 ext. 232  and pay at any of the other parking paystations located throughout downtown.


Parking passes are available in person only at:

Town of Beaufort

701 Front Street

Beaufort, NC 28516

Seasonal Parking Pass

The Seasonal Parking Pass costs $200.00 and allows parking in any metered space without payment of the meter from May 1st through September 30th. Please note that posted parking time limits still apply to vehicles with parking passes.

Monthly Parking Pass

The Monthly Parking Pass costs $100.00 and allows parking in any metered space without payment of the meter for one calendar month. Please note that time limits still apply to vehicles with parking passes. The Monthly Parking Pass is only good for one calendar month and must have the month listed on the pass by a Park Beaufort NC representative. The month must be visible to the enforcement ambassadors.

To request a temporary parking space reservation for construction or events, please submit a written request via email ( or mail (Town of Beaufort, PO Box 390, Beaufort, NC 28516) or in person (701 Front Street) 45 days prior to the requested space reservation date. All parking space closures must be approved by the Board of Commissioners during Pay To Park season.