UPDATE 04/03/17: Delivery of new roll-out carts will begin April 24 and Waste Industries will begin collection May 1. Call Town Hall at 252-728-2141 for more information.

UPDATE 02/16/17: Staff is currently working through logistics with Waste Industries regarding the company’s taking over trash and recycling collection for the Town of Beaufort. In an effort to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible, it has been decided to wait until April before transferring that service completely to Waste Industries. A firm date will be announced in mid-March. In the meantime, Public Works will continue to collect household waste on Mondays, recycling on Tuesdays and yard and bulk items on Wednesdays. We will continue to seek public input in the coming weeks.

 UPDATE 01/03/17: Waste Industries will begin providing garbage and recycling pickup for the Town effective Feb. 27, 2017.  

During the month of February 2017, all residents will be delivered a green 95-gallon cart for trash and a blue 95-gallon cart for recycling.  These containers will be new and already assembled.  
Simple instructions on where to place the containers, your day of service and what materials can be recycled will be delivered with your carts. 
More detailed information will be published on the Town’s website, newsletter and through other venues in the coming months to help residents prepare for these change. 

What type of materials and what restrictions are there on items for pickup?

Accepted household trash includes the following: household garbage, Styrofoam, broken dishes/ceramics, light bulbs, old pots and pans, empty or dried-out paint cans.

Not accepted: Hazardous materials, motor oil and paints.

For recycling, accepted materials include the following: newspaper, copy/printer paper, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, magazines, junk mail, telephone books, green/brown/clear glass, corrugated cardboard (broken-down boxes), gable-top cartons (i.e. milk cartons), empty aerosol cans, aluminum beverage cans, aluminum/steel/tin cans, aluminum foil, Plastics No. 1-7, Rigid plastics  such as buckets, plastic toys, lawn furniture; rigid plastics must be under 2 feet in length, and under 40 pounds.

Not accepted: mirrors, window or auto glass, light bulbs, ceramics, Coat hangers, paint cans, hard cover books, paper bags, vinyl siding; Styrofoam or polystyrene, and clam-shell containers, plastic bags, PVC pipe/tubing, plastic, medical products, petroleum products, or hazardous waste containers.

Yard debris acceptable for pickup includes the following: leaves, limbs, grass clippings and bush cuttings.

Not accepted: materials generated by lawn/landscaping service, limbs larger than 18 inches in diameter or 4 feet in length and rocks.

*Town ordinances prohibits all burning within the municipal Town limits. However, if you live outside the municipal Town limits, the NC Division of Forest Resources has an online burning permit system where you can download and submit an open burning permit application.

Bulk items acceptable for pickup include the following: household appliances, furniture, mattresses, small appliances, toilets, wood and construction debris generated by the homeowner, not by a contractor. Any single item must be less than 6 feet long and weigh less than 75 pounds. Not accepted: tires, carpet, cement, concrete, brick, shingles, propane tanks, large electronics including TVs and computers.

Is there a place to drop off recyclables for processing, instead of waiting for a pickup?

Because most Town residents utilize the curbside collection of recycling from their home every Tuesday, after March 1, 2016, the drop-off recycling receptacles was removed from the Public Works Department on Hedrick Street.

The drop-off service was predominately used by non-residents but paid for by Beaufort taxpayers. 

Recyclables are accepted at all of the county’s 12 convenience sites. All county residents are assessed an annual fee for this service. For sites, visit the county website,  www.carteretcountync.gov/470/Solid-Waste-Recycling.

How do I obtain trash and recycling pickup service?

Request new trash and recycling pickup services at the Beaufort Town Hall, 701 Front St., or by calling 252-728-3175, ext. 225, 228 or 229.

How do I cancel trash and recycling pickup service?

If you are relocating or moving out of Town and need to cancel services, visit Beaufort Town Hall Revenue Department, 701 Front St., or call 252-728-3175, ext. 225, 228 or 229.

What is the cost for trash and recycling pickup?

Fee is $17 per month.

How do I pay for my trash and recycling pickup service?

Visit Beaufort Town Hall Revenue Department, 701 Front St., to pay in person.
Sign up for an automatic bank draft using the Automatic Draft Form.
Pay online using Official Payments for utility services and taxes at www.officialpayments.com.
By calling 800-272-9829. Official Payments, the service provider, charges a convenience fee for payment processing, which is $3 for utility payments and 3 percent for taxes with a cap of $175. Use jurisdiction code 4394.

What happens if I miss a payment on my trash and recycling pickup bill?

The monthly fee or charge imposed shall be payable upon receipt by the user but in any event shall be delinquent if not paid within 30 days following mailing of the same by the Town. If the fee is not paid within 30 days following mailing of the bill, the Town is authorized to discontinue service to the user. The Town shall notify the user that his or her bill is delinquent and that no further services will be provided to the user until the charge is paid. Additionally, the Town may impose a late charge per user for continuance of service one the user’s delinquency has resulted in a discontinuance of service to the site.

I’m a commercial business, may I apply for trash and recycling pickup?

In response to liability, cost effectiveness concerns and consistency with most other municipalities, the Town will be revising its ordinances and policies related to commercial trash pickup. If not already in place, all businesses should make arrangements with a private waste management company for recycling and refuse collection.

 How you can help?

Cover your can. Rainwater not only makes cans heavy, but it helps keep trash-infused water off our streets.
Bag household trash. Make sure that the trash inside the trash can is in a bag, so lighter items won't escape.
Can it. Please make all attempts to use trash cans.
Keep animals in mind. Critters LOVE trash and the Town is not responsible for cleaning up after them. If you do have loose bags, please be sure they do not contain food items.
Use trash cans. Please use actual trash cans as opposed to other pails, bins, drums, boxes, or crates.
Early birds get the worm. Crews start early, so you'll want to have your trash to the curb by 7:30 a.m. to be sure you don't miss the day's pick-up.
Watch your weight. The Town has a 75-pound weight limit for all cans. Our folks work hard so, just remember, the lighter the better. This applies to trash, bulk items, and yard debris.
Bag loose yard debris. It speeds up collection and also keeps leaves and clippings out of our storm drains.

Questions? Call Public Works at 728-3175.

How do I contact a Public Works Department representative?

To contact a Public Works Department representative, visit Town Hall or call 252-728-3175 ext. 225 during business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.