The Planning Board's will hold their next regular meeting on October 20, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. in the Train Station, 614 Broad Street, Beaufort. The public is invited.

Thank you.

Michele Davis, Town Clerk


THE PLANNING BOARD is composed of seven local citizens, five of whom are appointed by the Town of Beaufort and live within the Town corporate limits and two of whom are appointed by the Carteret County Board of Commissioners and reside within the town's extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).  To read about the powers, duties, composition, etc. of the Planning Board please review Section 22 of the Town's Land Development Ordinance. The 2014 Planning Board Meeting Schedule & Submittal Dates calendar is linked here.

2014 Planning Board Members 

Member Appointment & Term Infomation
John A. C. Cartner 1/31/17, In-Town member
Jack Gilstrap 1/31/16, ETJ member (Co. appt.)
Jeanette Holland, Chair 1/31/15, ETJ member (Co. appt.)
Dan Kelly 1/31/16, In-Town member
Fred McCune 1/31/16, In-Town member
Ryan Neve, Vice-Chair 1/31/17, In-Town member
Walter Wood 1/31/17, In-Town member

2014 agendas, minutes, public notices 
2013 agendas, minutes, public notices
2012 agendas, minutes, public notices
2011 agendas, minutes, public notices
Subdivision Ordinance, 1998, amended 2005

Preliminary Plat application
Final Plat application
Rezoning application
Special Use application
Application forms should be submitted prior to the cut-off date on the 2014 Planning Board Meeting Schedule.