Beaufort Recycles

Recycling information for Electonics

Recycling Is Important--It's The Right Thing To Do!

How to get started in recycling
*Use green container provided (Available at Town Hall)
*Place by curb 7:30 AM on Tuesday
*Apartments/Condos/Commercials will have pick up on Tuesday
*Rinse containers to keep insects away
*Remove all lids (including plastic)
*Flatten/crush plastic bottles and metal cans when possible to save space
*Tuck paper along one side of the container to keep it from blowing away
Items acceptable to put in green bin
*Mixed Paper—newspaper, inserts, junk mail, computer paper, stationary,
6-24 pkg. beverage cartons, milk/OJ cartons, cereal/pizza/shoe boxes,
cardboard boxes--flattened
*Plastics—colored or clear containers with screw or snap caps. The neck of
the container needs to be smaller than the container.
*Glass—Bottles all colors, jars, glass containers
*Metal—aluminum cans, tin food cans, bi-metal cans
Items not acceptable to put in green bin
*Phone books, magazines, catalogs, books, waxed cardboard
*Bottle tops, plastic cups, plastic bags, styrofoam
*Monofilament fishing line
*Containers for yogurt, cottage cheese, cool whip
*Containers for pesticides and motor oil
*Drinking glasses, mirrors, window glass, pyrex, ceramic or light bulbs
*Oil cans, oil filters, pesticide cans
Items to bring to Public Works for recycling
*Used cooking/motor oil
*Old batteries (boat or vehicle)
(Bring items 7:30 am to 4:30 pm M-F to 412 Hedrick Street)