Phone: 252-728-2141
Fax: 252-728-3982

Address: 701 Front St., PO Box 390, Beaufort, NC 28516

Welcome to the Town of Beaufort Administration Department, which is located in Town Hall.  The goal of Town Administration is to provide the administrative support needed to allow the Town to continue operating effectively.  Town Administration encompasses the following offices:

The Town Manager is responsible to the Board of Commissioners for administering all municipal affairs placed in his or her charge by them.  He or she shall have the duties and powers as provided in the Town's Charter.  For more information contact the Town Manager Charlie Burgess at

The Town Clerk is responsible for giving notice of meetings, keeping a journal of the proceedings of Board meetings, being the custodian of all town records, and shall perform any other duties that may be required by law of the Town Board.  For more information contact Town Clerk Michele Davis at

The Town Tax Collector also serves as the Revenue Supervisor.  The Tax Collector is charged with the collection of taxes for the current year between July 1 and September 1, and exercises the enforced collection remedies as considered necessary and appropriate; and after the close of the fiscal year, makes a settlement of all taxes in hand for collection with the governing board.  The Revenue Supervisor oversees the billing of water, sewer, and solid waste.  For more information contact Tax Collector/Revenue Supervisor Peggy McKay at

The Revenue Department collects all revenue for the Town, is responsible for the monthly billing of water, sewer, and solid waste, and provides customer service for any questions regarding these issues.  For more information contact Senoir Revenue Specialist Melodi Briley at, or Revenue Specialist Shawn Licari at

Our current tax rate is .22 per $100.00 of the current valuation.  Tax statements are mailed by August 1st, and due by September 1st of each year.  Interest will accrue on taxes not paid by January 6th.

Business/Privilege Licenses may be purchased at Town Hall.  For your convenience, an application is provided to the right of this page.

You may also open, and make payments on your utility accounts at Town Hall.  For more detailed information please go to the Public Utilities page.