It is the policy of the Town to treat employees and prospective employees in a manner consistent with all applicable employment laws and regulations. The Personnel Policy and all rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto shall be binding on all Town employees. The Town Manager, Town Attorney, members of the Town Board of Commissioners and advisory boards and committees will be exempted except in sections where specifically included.

The Town Manager and all managerial/supervisory personnel are responsible for administration of these personnel policies and procedures. Employees, volunteers and independent contractors are to report anything perceived to be improper to their supervisor, or the Town Manager. The Town believes strongly in an Open Door Policy and encourages employees to talk with their supervisor, Department Head, or the Town Manager concerning any problem. This Policy contains many, but not necessarily all of the rules, regulations, and conditions of employment for Town personnel. An employee violating any of the provisions of this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, as well as prosecution under any civil or criminal laws which have been violated. This Personnel Policy is also intended to provide guidelines covering public service by Town employees and is not a contract.

The provisions of this handbook may be amended and supplemented from time to time without notice and at the discretion of the Town Manager and the Board of Commissioners.

Personnel Policy Manual