Design Guidelines for the Beaufort Historic District & Landmarks

Who should use the Beaufort Historic District Guidelines?

Anyone who owns, rents, leases, sells or buys property, or who owns or operates a business in the locally designated Beaufort Historic District, or who owns an individual historic landmark should consult these guidelines. They are used by Town staff and the Beaufort Historic Preservation Commission. The guidelines are written for laymen, as well as for architects and other design professionals, contractors, builders, developers, real estate agents, business owners, and all those who have an interest in the preservation of Beaufort’s historic architectural heritage.

Is my property within the locally designated Beaufort Historic District?

There are two historic districts in Beaufort—one of the National Register of Historic Places and one has been designated by the Beaufort Town Commissioners. Because listing in the National Register does not involve local regulation, these guidelines are for use only within the locally designated historic district. To verify whether a property is located within one or both Beaufort Historic Districts, please consult Chapter 2.

What is the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)?

The HPC, composed of seven Beaufort residents with a knowledge of and interest in historic preservation, is appointed by the Town Commissioners for three-year terms. There are five regular members and two alternate members. The HPC reviews and regulates changes in the locally designated historic district, including buildings and their setting, new construct