Residential/Commercial Development

What is a Site Plan, When do I need one and what is the process?
A site plan is a representation of a proposed development project. It is a birds-eye view which shows the location of all proposed and existing structures, streetscapes, parking lots, water and sewer facilities, landscaping, and any other conditions and improvements on the site to be developed. Site plans are needed for new commercial structures of more than 5,000 square feet, or a combination of an increase of 20 percent in an existing structure. 

The process for submitting a site plan is as follows: 

Submittal/Review Process:
The process begins when a completed application and site plan are submitted by the appropriate deadline. The application is checked for accuracy by various Town Departments and Town Staff. Once satisfied the plans are forwarded to the Planning Board for their consideration and recommendations.

Planning Board Process:
The site plan application is first heard by the Town Planning Board. The Planning Board makes a determination for approval or denial after hearing recommendations from the Town Staff. Town Staff will present information regarding how the proposed plan meets Town standards and ordinances as well as provide a recommendation to the board for approval or denial, and the reasons for such recommendation. 

Board of Commissioners Decision Process:
Once the Planning Board makes a determination, the site plan application proceeds to the Town Board of Commissioners who has final authority to approve or deny the proposal. The Board of Commissioners reviews the information provided by Town Staff, the applicant, and the determination of the Planning Board, then discusses the proposed project and renders a final decision.

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