Public Services

Public Services


The Public Services Department houses the Public Services Administration, Engineering, Public Works and Public Utilities Departments.


Public Services Administration & Engineering Division

The Public Services Administration & Engineering division, within the Public Services Department provides leadership, fiscal responsibility, and strategic planning for other Public Services divisions: Public Works, Public Utilities-Sewer, and Public Utilities-Water. The engineering component of this division provides technical knowledge and leadership necessary to ensure successful completion of Town-funded infrastructure projects.

The Public Services Department Director/Town Engineer is Greg Meshaw. 

The Public Services Department provides monthly project update presentations to the Board of Commissioners. These may be viewed here.


Public Utilities Division

The Public Utilities Division is home to the Sewer Division and the Water Division. 

The Sewer Division is responsible for the maintenance of the sewer collection system as well as the operation and maintenance of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The sewer collection system is comprised of approximately 25 miles of gravity lines, 28 miles of force mains, 21 pump stations, and approximately 3,300 sewer service connections. The WWTP is a permitted 1.5 million gallon per day facility that treats the collected sewage of the Town and discharges the treated effluent into the eastern end of Taylor's Creek in accordance with state and federal regulations.

The Water Division is responsible for the treatment and distribution of potable water to all the Town's utility customers. The Water Division operates two water treatment plants (one on Hedrick Street and one on Glenda Drive) and has a designed permitted flow rate of 1.2 million gallons per day. The Water Division is also responsible for over 3,200 service connections throughout its distribution system.

Public Utilities is at 301 Freedom Park Drive. 

The Public Utilities Director is Donovan Willis.


Public Works Division

The Public Works department maintains public rights-of-way, streets, signage, bike and pedestrian paths, sidewalks, stormwater management, parks, public restrooms and the boardwalk. Staff performs routine repairs, monitor roads and rights-of-ways for cleanliness and safety hazards, and maintain landscaping on all Town-owned property. Public Works maintains and repairs Town-owned vehicles and equipment, as well as Town-owned buildings and grounds.The department also collects yard debris and bulky waste, and oversees the trash and recycling collection contract with Waste Industries. Public Works staff also provide oversight and work closely with contractors on public projects.

The Public Works Department is at 412 Hedrick Street. 

The Public Works Director is Mark Eakes