A golf cart in the Fourth of July Parade

Special Events


The Town of Beaufort frequently receives requests from organizations to host events on Town property. In order to ensure the safety of all citizens and visitors, the Town of Beaufort has established Event Guidelines and has a permitting process.

A Special Event permit is required for outdoor community events on town-owned property, including roads, parks, parking lots, open spaces, walkways, docks, etc. The purpose of the Town of Beaufort Event Procedures and Application is to establish guidelines and procedures for the application process and management of special events in the Town of Beaufort. It outlines the operation of events on Town of Beaufort property, streets and roadways. The procedures will help the event organizer determine the requirements that are to be in place in order to effectively plan and execute a successful special event. The Town of Beaufort Events Coordinator will serve as the primary point of contact for processing all event applications and requests for town services.

Event Application Deadlines:

  • At least 60 days or 2 months in advance for events with an attendance of less than 500
  • At least 90 days or 3 months in advance for events with an expected attendance of 500 or more and all new tourism events

Applications submitted late or incomplete may not receive approval and may not be issued a permit.

All applications should be submitted to the Events Coordinator Rachel Johnson at 701 Front Street, P.O. Box 390, Beaufort, NC 28516 or by email at r.johnson [at]

Insurance is mandatory for all events on Town property.

***Please note Rental of the Train Depot does not require a Special Event Application. Please see Rental Facilities below.***