Small Vessel/Kayak Storage

Grayden Paul Park Kayak Rack


2024 Small Vessel/Kayak Lottery Names as Selected in the 2024 Lottery

If your name appears on this list, please check your email for further instructions.

  1. Brady    Terrents
  2. Isaac and Pamela Green
  3. David    Daly
  4. Barry P Evans
  5. Heather  Ferris
  6. Mandi   White
  7. Joseph Vogel
  8. Heidi    Radford
  9. Jamie    Ridenhour
  10. Doug     Williams
  11. Robert  Rose
  12. Thomas  Geren
  13. Lynn      Sutton
  14. Ann        Matthews
  15. Christine  Lamb
  16. Brendan  Greaves
  17. Cameron  White
  18. Barbara  Jewett
  19. Dave     Ciampa
  20. ty            blauser
  21. Jane      Joseph
  22. Rodney  Dunn
  23. Christopher Knudsen
  24. Michael  Waldrop
  25. Kim       Kusel
  26. Jason    Edwards
  27. Emily    Christiansen
  28. Gil          Whitford
  29. Martha Ransdell
  30. Kristin  Larson
  31. Jim         Elliott
  32. Erik        Hernandez
  33. Eric        Roddewig
  34. Anne     Bradshaw
  35. Martha Bobbitt
  36. Barbara Buckley
  37. Jackie   Simmons
  38. Mary Ann Ashley
  39. Deborah  Pease
  40. Julie      Arthur
  41. Mark     Stancill
  42. Sheri     Seibert
  43. Joseph McMichael
  44. Jennifer Wilson
  45. Nicolette Dunn
  46. Gary      Gruber
  47. Scott    Crocker
  48. Gerda   Stein
  49. Emily    Raeker
  50. Kathleen  Dunn
  51. Barbara  Chappetta
  52. Larisa   Edwards
  53. Christine  Bula
  54. Adrienne  Bacchus
  55. David    Schmidt
  56. Amy      Terrents
  57. James  Dolan
  58. Mary Ann Fitzgerald
  59. Matthew  Godfrey
  60. Wade    Mcvey

2024 Small Vessel/Kayak Lottery Waiting List

  1. Daniele Piccini
  2. Joyce    Allan
  3. Allison Daniel
  4. Laura    Etheridge
  5. Christine Vasko
  6. Hardy   Bobbitt
  7. Jennifer Roddewig
  8. Susan   McDonald
  9. Hannah Baublitz
  10. Robert Horvath
  11. Steve    Mills
  12. Leigh    Harrison
  13. Harold Wilson
  14. Barry     Evans
  15. Jim         Vernon
  16. Phoebe Vogel
  17. Asa        Greaves
  18. Samuel  Knutson
  19. Leroy    Gaskill
  20. Alan      Woodard




2024 Small Vessel/Kayak Lottery


NOTICE: The lottery is open to all Town residents. Please do not attempt to turn the favor in your odds by having your neighbors and friends sign up for you as additional chances. Those found to be in violation will be removed from the lottery and will forfeit the chance to be selected for a space

The rental rate for the 2024 lottery is $100.  Applications are now being accepted for the 2024 lottery.  Find the link at the bottom of this page. Please read the rules and regulations carefully for both eligibility and vessel requirements. 

The Town of Beaufort will have a lottery for small vessel storage permits at 1 p.m. Wednesday, March 6, 2024. The lottery will be live streamed on the Town's Facebook page.  All applications must be received by 5 p.m. Monday, March 4, 2024 to be entered into the lottery. All applications must be submitted electronically. If you need assistance, please email r.johnson [at] or call (252) 728-2141 ext. 231

Spaces will be assigned in the order selected during the lottery. Town Staff will assign a space as close to your listed preference as is available that meets the needs of your vessel.

  • Fisherman’s Park (Gordon/Front St): 3 dinghy, 4 canoe and 37 kayak spaces  
  • Grayden Paul Park (Pollock/Front): 12 kayak spaces
  • Curtis Perry Park (Front St near boat ramp): 12 kayak spaces

Payment and valid proof of residency must be received by the Town of Beaufort within 15 business days of the lottery for your space to continue to be reserved. After a period of 15 days, all spaces that have not been paid in full and/or residency verified will be assigned to those names on the waiting list as selected during the lottery.

Payment information will be emailed to those selected in the lottery. All payments are non-transferable and non-refundable. The 2024 fee is $100.

Each space will be assigned an identification decal that must be attached to the stored vessel at all times. The decal will identify the assigned spot and help Town staff identify the owner should we need to make contact. Due to the high cost of reprinting, replacement decals are $35.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Rachel Johnson, Parks & Events Coordinator/PIO, at r.johnson [at] or call the information line at (252) 728-2141 ext. 231.


Permitting Eligibility:

•             Permits are issued annually

•             Full-time & Part-time town residents are eligible for a permit. A town water bill, utility bill, tax bill or Driver’s License with the Beaufort address must be presented at the time of permitting as evidence of residency. Residence must be inside the Town limits.

•             Only non-motorized, self-propelled vessels are eligible for permits. No vessel of any type may be longer than 15 feet, sailboats and other non-motorized boats with the exception of kayaks and canoes must be under 12 feet. Vessels not meeting these regulations will be removed and the spot forfeited.

•             A maximum of 2 permits will be issued annually per household (one per person). An application must be submitted for each permit. Applications will be entered into the lottery separately.

•             Only one spot per application/person/vessel.

•             No boats used for commercial purposes will be permitted.

•             Renters must provide their own locks.

•             All boats must be removed when a hurricane watch is issued by the National Weather Service and/or if tropical weather is forecast. Non-compliance will result in a fee and forfeiture of the right to enter the following year’s lottery.

•             Only the permitted vessel can be stored on Town property.

•             No items may be stored underneath the rack.

•             Vessels removed by the Town of Beaufort will become Town property if not retrieved within a period of 45 days.

•             Replacement decals are $35.

•             Spaces are non-transferable. If the lessee must forfeit their spot, it reverts to the Town to be assigned to the next person on the waiting list.


Disclosure: Please note that only non-motorized, self-propelled kayaks, canoes, and single-hulled boats may be stored on Town owned storage racks. Kayaks and canoes must not exceed 15 feet; no sailboats or boats of any type longer than 12 feet. No items are permitted to be stored under the racks. Vessels not meeting these specifications and items left under racks will be removed.

In the event of inclement weather not limited to but including tropical storms and hurricanes, it is the boat owner’s responsibility to remove the boat from the racks at least 72 hours in advance of the approaching inclement weather. If the boat is not removed within the allotted time frame, then it will be removed by the Public Works Department – fees will apply and the applicant forfeits the right to apply for storage the following year. Removal Notifications will be issued via email.

The Town of Beaufort will not be responsible for any damage or theft of stored vessels. Permits are valid for 364 days from the date issued or until the first Wednesday of March 2025, whichever comes first. All vessels must be removed within 24 hours of the expiration of the permit.

Non-permitted vessels left overnight after the 24-hour period shall be subject to removal by the Town and fees will apply.

I have read and understand the rules and regulations governing Town Owned Non-Motorized Small Vessel Storage and I agree to adhere to all rules and regulations.

Please read and agree to follow the above outlined guidelines by typing your name on the application form in the allotted space.

2024 Small Vessel/Kayak Lottery