Town of Beaufort Waterfront Business District Parking Management Program 

Paid Parking Season: May 15, 2024 - Oct. 31, 2024  

Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


PURPOSE: To meet the parking demands of residents, visitors, and merchants in the Waterfront Business District by managing the limited resource of public parking spaces through the use of seasonal fees and providing a mixture of all-day spaces and four-hour spaces to ensure adequate turnover.

Revenue from fees is used to pay the costs of managing the parking program. Net revenues are used for beautification and infrastructure projects in the Waterfront Business District. 


HANDICAP PARKING: Handicap Parking is free at any location with a valid tag.

PARKING PASSES: Seasonal, Monthly, and Weekly parking passes are available for sale from the Pivot Parking Office. The parking office is located at 701 Front Street, accessed from the Front Street side of the building. Parking passes will be on sale starting at 9 a.m. May 15, 2024. There is an application form that must be submitted with each pass purchased. Find the application here. 

Parking Pass Payment Options: Cash, Checks made payable to Pivot Parking and Credit Cards.

Please note: Town staff can not sell parking passes - all passes are sold through the Pivot Parking office. 



  • Premium Front Street parking lots (East & West lot):  $3/hour
  • All other spaces: $1.50/hour.
  • Overtime/improper parking violation: $50
  • Handicap parking violation: $100
  • Violation fee late payment (after 30 days): $30
  • Weekly parking pass: $25 (subject to time limits, except at Queen/Craven Streets lots & Craven Street on-street, not valid in premium lots)
  • Monthly parking pass: $100 (subject to time limits, except at Queen/Craven Streets lots & Craven Street on-street, not valid in premium lots)
  • Seasonal parking pass: $200​ (subject to time limits, except at Queen/Craven Streets lots & Craven Street on-street, not valid in premium lots)
  • WBD Resident Premium parking pass: $800 (only available to Waterfront Business District Residents, not subject to time limits or other restrictions)

Fee-parking space locations include golf cart-only spaces.



  • On-street spaces on Front Street from Queen Street to Moore Street, 4-hour limit
  • On-street spaces on Front Street from Live Oak to Queen Street, all day
  • Premium Front Street parking lots (East and West lots), all day with $3/hourly rate 
  • Queen Street parking lot, 4-hour limit, except with a parking pass
  • Craven Street parking lot, 4-hour limit, except with a parking pass
  • 100 block of Turner Street, 4-hour limit
  • 100 block of Craven Street to Middle Lane, 4-hour limit
  • Pollock Street in front of Town Hall (5 spaces), all-day
  • Golf cart spaces, 4-hour limit



The Town of Beaufort Parking Office operated by Pivot Parking is responsible for the issuance, collections, and administration of any parking violations in downtown Beaufort.

The duties, responsibilities, and functions of the Town’s Parking Enforcement Ambassadors are:

  • To provide quality, courteous customer service and promote the safety and the proper flow of traffic and turnover throughout the streets of downtown Beaufort. 

  • To protect the rights of the pedestrians and parking public who abide by local and state parking ordinances and laws.

  • To assist in providing available parking to residents, visitors, and businesses. To enforce the Town and state parking ordinances and laws. 

  • As a representative of the Town of Beaufort, ambassadors will perform their duties in a professional manner at all times and to the highest standards.


PAYMENT OPTIONS - NEW IN 2024! - Text2Park 

Introducing Text2Park! In 2024, under guidance from Pivot Parking, the Town of Beaufort is transitioning to Text2Park as the platform for paying for downtown parking downtown. With no app to download, Text2Park allows users to pay for parking right from their phones quickly and securely. Be sure to check the signage! Simply text the code on the sign to the number provided and register your license plate; it's that easy!  

Parking Season

Parking season will be March 1-Oct. 31 in future years. Seven days a week from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


For additional information, please contact the parking office at (252) 728-2141 ext. 232 or (252) 528-8776.

701 Front Street
Beaufort, NC 28516
United States

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