Public Utilities

Public Utilities workers repair a sewer line

The Sewer Division is responsible for the maintenance of the sewer collection system as well as the operation and maintenance of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The sewer collection system is comprised of approximately 25 miles of gravity lines, 28 miles of force mains, 21 pump stations, and approximately 3,300 sewer service connections. The WWTP is a permitted 1.5 million gallon per day facility that treats the collected sewage of the Town and discharges the treated effluent into the eastern end of Taylor's Creek in accordance with state and federal regulations.

The Water Division is responsible for the treatment and distribution of potable water to all the Town's utility customers. The Water Division operates two water treatment plants (one on Hedrick Street and one on Glenda Drive) and has a designed permitted flow rate of 1.2 million gallons per day. The Water Division is also responsible for over 3,200 service connections throughout its distribution system.


Beaufort Public Utilities Department works to ensure that the Town has clean, potable water for municipal, commercial, and residential use and that waste is transported and treated effectively and efficiently.The department maintains a high degree of environmentally conscious water sewer, and wastewater treatment methods in order to preserve water quality for Beaufort’s residents and visitors.

Additionally, employees are on call 24/7 for various emergencies involving the water, sewer and wastewater systems of the Town of Beaufort.

The Public Utilities Department is responsible for a multitude of duties in Town including:

  • Routine water meter readings
  • Maintaining high water quality and potable water
  • Performing water and sewer connections to homes and businesses
  • Performing preventative and recurring maintenance of water lines, sewer lines and lift stations
  • Treatment and redistribution of wastewater
  • The storage and disposal of waste generated by the treatment of wastewater

Fees are associated with many of these services.