Residential Trash Services

Residential Trash Services are provided to Town residents by GFL through a contract with the Town.

For information on signing up for service, changing current services and/or billing, please contact Town Hall at (252) 728-2141 ext. 229. 

For more information or to report issues with pickup, please contact GFL at (252) 223-4176.

The Town of Beaufort Public Works Department picks up Yard Debris and Bulk Items. Please see the guidelines below. To schedule a Bulk Item pickup, please call Town Hall at (252) 728-2141. No contractor debris will be picked up by the Town.


Christmas trees are picked up annually by the Town of Beaufort Public Works Department. Please place your live Christmas trees curbside and separate from Yard Debris by 7 a.m. on Monday mornings during the month of January for pickup. Trees are taken to Atlantic Beach for the recycling program.  


How Can You Help?

  • Cover your can. Rainwater not only makes cans heavy, but it helps keep trash-infused water off our streets.
  • Bag household trash. Make sure that the trash inside the trash can is in a bag, so lighter items won't escape.
  • Keep animals in mind. Critters LOVE trash and the Town is not responsible for cleaning up after them.
  • Early birds get the worm. Crews start early, so you'll want to have your trash to the curb by 7 a.m. to be sure you don't miss the day's pick-up.
  • Watch your weight. The Town has a 75-pound weight limit. This applies to trash, bulk items and yard debris.
  • Bag loose yard debris. It speeds up collection and also keeps leaves and clippings out of our storm drains.