Opening a Business

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Thinking of Starting a New Business?

If you are opening a new business in Beaufort, there are steps you need to take to make your transitions easier and to comply with local and state codes and ordinances.

All new businesses should check for compliance with Zoning and Town Ordinances.

In-Town Businesses Only

To register your business, please fill out the New Business Form and bring it and the $50 registration fee for new businesses operating in Town limits to Town Hall at 701 Front St., Beaufort. Contact the Planning Department at (252) 728-2142 for more details.

Schedule a Fire & Building Inspection

The Planning & Inspections office will schedule a united inspection for Fire and Building issues. Schedule an inspection by calling (252) 728-2142.

Notify Police of Emergency Contact Numbers 

The Beaufort Police Department conducts regular business checks during and after hours to ensure the safety and security of our citizens, business owners and visitors. The Police Department requires emergency contact information to be submitted for all businesses. Request a Security Check 

Establish Water Service

An application for water, sewer and trash services must be submitted at Town Hall.  A deposit may be required for service and additional water tap and impact fees may be applicable for new buildings, modifications and installation of new systems. Contact Town Hall at (252) 728-2141 for more information.

Special Note: (Food and Alcoholic Beverages)

If your business involves serving food, please remember to contact the Carteret County Health Department by calling (252) 728-8499 or visiting

If your business involves alcoholic beverages, please remember to contact the North Carolina ABC Commission. A state permit must be obtained from the Alcohol Beverage Control Commission. Before returning the Local Government Opinion form to Town Hall for the Mayor’s signature, the ABC inspection form must be completed and attached to the Local Government Opinion form.